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Gonna be a little late again

Had a very busy weekend with the holiday with no time to sit and draw. Today I currently have got that "hit in the head with a brick" feeling you get when you study too much.

Will update in the next couple of days.
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Happy Halloween!


Ok, scanner is fixed (smacking can do that), and new tablet has been acquired.

Though I know I should be wary,
Still I venture someplace scary,
Ghostly haunting, I turn loose!
Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, BEETLEJUICE!

I've been waiting to do Alli as BJ since July. *L*

Unfortunately, school is REALLY kicking my tail, so I had to kind of rush this. The background is a free stock background I Googled for. It's from Vectorjungle.com. I didn't draw it, but I liked it!

Eventually I'll come back and give Alli some shading there, but she's going to have to deal with flat coloring for now. At least I got her dressed up!

And now, back to learning about creepy surgical procedures.
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My scanner has died right on the heels of my Wacom tablet.

So comic and artwork is ground to a halt for now. I'm working on procuring some used equipment. Man, I've had that Wacom since 2002! O_O

Rest in peace, little Wacom.
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Hot Mess -- Pg 12


I wanted to work this conversation in since a lot of folks have been asking me what kind of animal Harrison is supposed to be, and it's impossible to tell he doesn't have fur in the black and white format. Which is a really good and fair question, because I have a love of unusual animals/furries and I well expect to get a lot more of questions like that.

For the record, Harrison's a Chinese Crested Hairless. Chinese Crested are a rare breed of dog that can either have fur (called 'Powderpuffs') or no fur except for what's on their heads, paws, and tail tip.

Hopefully with his last name of "Chen" and this convo, it'll be a fun tip off for some until I get the cast pages created and list his species.

Oh, and no, Furries in this universe are not necessarily "part human" unless they have an ancestor that happens to be one. Humans are just another kind of "furry" here, along with the rest of the anthropomorphic Simians.
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Hot Mess -- Pg 9-10

Pg. 9

Something tells me Alli is used to hanging out with devils she knows and doesn't know so it's all the same to her.

Pg. 10

Don't try to figure out Mom-Logic. Just so long as it's male.

I completely forgot about posting last week due to school, so feel free to discuss pages 9 and 10 in this post!

What's everyone thinking of the comic so far? Good? Bad? Why do you think you have any talent, woman? You're the next genius since Bill Watterson?
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Hot Mess -- Pg 8

Who's a WHAT now?!

I think if someone told me they were a supervillain, I'd be focusing on the non-insane employment topic as well.

And never confuse a lemur with a monkey. They tend to be rather touchy about that.
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Hot Mess -- Pg 7

Ok, had a little snafu with updating (toldja I'd be uninterrupted barring page hiccups!) and got that fixed, so today's RL has posted!

Being gay has it's advantages.
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